Latest style NIKE Kyrie 4 first exposure

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The overturned gear-shaped outsole, the exaggerated groove separating the outsole,


Continuous performance of Zoom Air,


Lightweight, locking, fit and support uppers.


KYRIE 4 is the first collaboration between Irving and designer Benjamin Nethongkome. It is also the first pair of signature shoes that Benjamin designed in NIKE's ten-year history.


To be honest, designing a pair of Owen signature shoes, taking into account Owen's style of play, is definitely not an easy task. But Benjamin is indeed the one that Irving is looking for.


"From a scientific point of view, Ben is the person I want. He really establishes a connection between technology and my style of play."



Therefore, KYRIE 4 based on Irving's demand for shoes, was born in Benjamin's design. Obviously, KYRIE 4 did a good job in making a big change to Owen on the court. When the feet and the court could produce a variety of extreme angles, they gave Owen a stable and reliable support point and strong grip at any time. performance. This will ensure that our Uncle Drew continues to fly on the court.


And you see KYRIE 4, much more than that.





Don't always think about adapting and go on your own journey and road.


- Kyrie Irving


KYRIE 4 is the first double work of Benjamin Nethongkome, the new director of the KYRIE series. Of course, this is the first pair of signature shoes that Owen came to Boston. How far did Boston not have a star with his signature shoe since the legendary 34th bid farewell?


One of the most important details changes in KYRIE 4 is also here. The previous attack arrow, No. 2 on the charge, has now become Boston's hero No. 11. He has created a road to his own. At the same time, taking on the 11th, the number that once belonged to Irving’s father was taking the city’s glory.




In the film "Return to Earth," the role played by Will Smith said: "Fear does not really exist, it is only a product of thought."


In addition to the “Z11” in the KYRIE rear window, the “Zoom” air cushion is printed with “#11” which represents the new destination of Irving and the future. The “FEAR IS NOT REAL” stamped on the side of the outer bottom TPU groove is also the KYRIE series. A new detail.


The unfortunate accident of the opener had once cast a shadow on the hearts of Bostonians, but as the new leader of the Celtics, Irving wanted to break this haze. He defeated himself and became a true leader; he was Gives a bright hope to Boston as a whole.





This summer's defeat, that does not belong to their own ribbons, and stayed to stay, just to remind me that it had missed, the future will certainly be recovered.


Owen's determination has no need to go into details, and now the Celtics' record and status are the best answers. Obviously, the KYRIE 4 now coming out seems to have felt the resoluteness of Irving's heart, and once again it has the performance characteristics it possesses, which is to ensure Owen's increasingly strong guarantee on the field.


Benjamin Nethongkome reviewed the situation of the KYRIE series' three predecessors in the transition of Irving's change of direction. Focusing on Irving's most important feature on the court, this is also the most important style and performance of KYRIE series to a whole new level.


This is the exaggerated, tusks-like upturn outsole. Anti-rollover, and guaranteed at the extreme angle, KYRIE 4 can still give a strong support and feedback to Irving.




Family, motto, responsibility, determination, style, fans... Owen is looking for his best status both on and off the court.


In KYRIE 4, there are still several details that the entire KYRIE collection has always had: the “H+H” on behalf of the motto Hungry and Humble, the abbreviation “J.B.Y” of the personal adage “Just Be You,” the mother and daughter’s name and birthday. These have become the marks of Irving's body, not to mention the need to reflect the details of his signature shoe.


The outwardly exaggerated design of the outer bottom groove is actually to improve the performance of the sole to a perfect state. Whether it is the support of the valgus design or the swiftness of changing the direction of the road, or It's the response of Zooming Zoom. The benefits and groundbreaking of this design will be reflected on the court.


In addition, KYRIE 4 is a large article on the upper, block uppers, with different materials to give their shoes more possibilities and more attention, which is Irwin and Benjamin in KYRIE 4 after the search of.


Therefore, we see the combination of the lightweight engineering mesh and fly line in the front half of the KYRIE 4 shoe, the suede and embroidery Swoosh in the middle, and the leather upper in the heel. This attempt and creation are not only for enriching the design of shoes.


The actual KYRIE 4 wearing experience has thus been greatly improved and is also the basis for the future pursuit of more possibilities.

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