The Universal Attribute Of Shoes - Adidas Solar BOOST Depth Evaluation

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The Universal Attribute Of Shoes - Adidas Solar BOOST Depth Evaluation


Solar BOOST is a new member of the adidas running shoe matrix, but it is not a pair of completely new running shoes. Solar represents the sun's attributes. Like the shoes that adidas sets for it, Solar BOOST has the versatile attributes of adidas running shoes.


Shape 8.0/10 points


Use the color matching adidas to simulate the sun's sunrise and sunset light changes on the Solar BOOST using blue and orange gradients. Although it is not directly colored on the bottom of BOOST, it is also satisfied with everyone's expectation of color change.


In design, Solar BOOST is more like a collection of adidas other BOOST running shoes, it has too many shadows of other adidas running shoes, saying that it is like UltraBOOST, it is also true like Boston BOOST, even in some details There is also a little adios BOOST look. Perhaps this is the reason for his omnipotent attributes.


Really 7.9/10 points


Solar BOOST is the foot of BOOST. The soft and elastic are always under the feet, but this is also because the thickness of the front and rear palms is different. The height difference between the front and the back of the Solar BOOST is 10mm.


Solar BOOST's thin midsole design gives it a more forward-looking feel, and the forefoot feels very straight and single. In comparison, the softness and elasticity of the hind paws are much thicker.

This is good news for most people who use the full palm and the back palm to jog, as well as those who use the forefoot to speed training, which means more direct feedback and faster rebound.


The upper is the difference between Solar BOOST and other running shoes in the design of the upper.


The forefoot is equipped with the same Tech Fit upper as the Energy Boost, and the upper is elastic. On both sides of the midfoot, custom fiber technology is used to remove the hard structures commonly used in the past. Instead, sutures are used to reinforce the uppers.


From the practical experience, the elastic forefoot reserves a lot of space for the toes, but it also brings about the lack of support, especially in the process of turning. Fortunately, the wrapping and stability of the midfoot and heel can keep your feet firmly in control.


In addition, although the Tech Fit upper is only one layer, it is slightly thicker, so the Solar BOOST's upper is generally breathable.


Support 8.4/10 points


Solar BOOST used two designs to solve the support of the midsole. One was to add the surrounding Solar foam above the BOOST, and the other was to continue using the adidas Torsion System anti-twist system.


The combination of the two materials makes Solar BOOST's midsole support performance much better than expected. Whether it is speed training or jogging training, Solar BOOST rarely has the problem of single BOOST midsole shaking.


Buffer 8.6/10 points


BOOST's buffering performance does not need to be described too much, BOOST with soft buffer and rebound feedback, providing a solid backing for Solar BOOST in the road running. BOOST's flexibility is strong, whether it is short or medium distance, it can always be a performance.

In the face of long-distance road runs, Solar BOOST's long-lasting foot feel makes you more comfortable on the track. But this is only limited to the performance of Solar BOOST. Because of the thin forefoot design, Solar BOOST requires more control over the feet during long distance and speed training.


Of course, adidas's thick cushioned insole for Solar BOOST also greatly enhances its cushioning feel. For jogging runners, Solar BOOST's buffering performance is sufficient for all kinds of training within 20 kilometers, with full cushioning, clear rebound, and rare training artifacts. For speed runners, Solar BOOST's forefoot design gives a strong rebound feedback for both feet, and is ideal for quick entry into the rhythm during speed training.


Durable 8.4/10 points


Solar BOOST uses the full palm horse rubber outsole, the overall durability of the outsole is better, and some high friction areas may be subject to greater pressure. Considering the outsole design of Solar BOOST, we predict that its outsole life can reach more than 500 kilometers.


Summary 8.2/10 points


Let's first summarize the advantages of Solar BOOST: design upgrade, two color options. Full palm BOOST midsole, buffer and pop back color. The midsole support has been greatly improved. The mid-foot and arch support performance is excellent. Durable.


To sum up the shortcomings of Solar BOOST: the forefoot upper is generally wrapped. A single shoe of 300 grams is heavier. The upper is breathable. The price is slightly higher.

Solar BOOST is more suitable for runners who are jogging to speed. This part of the runners pursues the cushioning and rebound feedback of the running shoes, and also pursues the speed of the runners. Solar BOOST can take care of these two points. In addition, it is the runner who pursues happy jogging. The feeling of Solar BOOST is enough for the jogger.

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